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Tanya Z., Founder

Tanya Z., Wild Prairie Soap Co., Founder

Edmonton, AB

Founded by Tanya., Wild Prairie Soap Co. products are handmade in Edmonton, AB with master soap makers blending the traditional craft and the modern-day science of saponification, to create the finest natural soap. Incorporated into every bar is 50% olive oil making soap both long-lasting and a match for any skin type. The entire soapmaking process takes approximately four hours from start to finish, with each batch producing over 400 bars that are each carefully hand-cut and fully cured prior to sale.

Where did the inspiration for your business stem from?

My love for soapmaking began while I was on maternity leave from my teaching career. I needed to find a solution for my daughter’s extremely dry skin, which seemed to get worse every year. I had done some reading about the effects of detergents on the skin and realized that a lot of the body cleansing products we were using contained ingredients that weren’t suitable for sensitive skin, even when they were recommended for that exact thing! This led me to researching natural soap as a start to helping her. Growing up on a farm in Northern Alberta, I always felt a connection to nature, which led to my appreciation of “ingredients” from the earth. At first, it was a lot of research and trial and error, all happening in my kitchen. When I first produced a successful batch of natural soap, I couldn’t believe the difference I saw in both my own skin and my children’s almost instantly. For me, that was the beginning. The opportunity to take an overlooked but necessary product and transform it into something that was skin-changing is what inspired me!

Growing up on a farm in Northern Alberta, I always felt a connection to nature, which led to my appreciation of “ingredients” from the earth.

Tanya Z., Wild Prairie Soap Co., Founder

Edmonton, AB

What is the best part of what you do and why?

For sure, it’s having the opportunity to be creative with natural products and ingredients and try new things, while also making a difference for people. I love hearing about the impact my products have made in my customer’s everyday routines. The ability to help people feel better in their skin and create a truly natural product line drives me to continue to create and grow the Wild Prairie Soap Company brand.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Starting a brand from scratch can be so challenging, but if it’s your passion, there will be no stopping your drive to succeed. One of the best things you can do when you’re first starting out is to do your research and strive to be the best in your field. Build yourself a strong community of like-minded individuals who can help you navigate the industry that you’re breaking into. Having a strong community of entrepreneurs, you relate to is so valuable. Ask them for help, advice and use them as resources. A strong network helps build your credibility when you’re in the early stages of building a brand. Don’t view your errors as mistakes but as opportunities to learn – a small error today can lead you to great things tomorrow! Know what you’re good at but never be afraid to take risks. Also, always remember to be patient and enjoy the process. Try to celebrate every success, no matter how big or small, and take the time to reflect on and appreciate what you’ve done!

What is the most memorable gift you’ve received?

When I first started Wild Prairie Soap Company, my grandmother gave me her recipe for her own homemade cold cream. That was so special! She inspired me to believe in the power of plants and helped me create the initial vision for my brand.