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Wendy S., CEO + Founder

Wendy S., CEO + Founder

Toronto, ON

Wendy’s true love for paper began in childhood, scribbling in diaries, passing notes in class and coveting her parents special stationary. As the CEO + Founder of Printed Matter Paper and mother of two she wanted to bring back the style of the heart of the handwritten word, especially in this digital age. With a mission to celebrate life’s special moments through beautiful correspondence, Wendy is well on her way.

What is the best part of your work?

I love bringing joy to people’s lives through the beauty of paper. Hearing how happy my clients are when they receive our products as a gift or a treat for themselves. It is inspiring to me.

What did you wonder about growing up?

I was a bookworm as a kid so my imagination was on overdrive and I always dreamt about how I would bring creativity to the world one day. Little did I know, it would be in the form of paper. I pinch myself some days.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as entrepreneur?

After 4 years of co-founding my business, my partner decided to leave the business and I was faced with the scariest choice of my life. Continue or not continue. Thanks to the support of my husband, I made the decision to run the business on my own. Best. Decision. Ever. I haven’t looked back since that day and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

What does community mean to you?

Printed Matter’s foundation is based on community. We partner with local artists for exclusive collections and events. We would not be where we are without our Printed Matter team and the small business community. It’s the best.

What was the most memorable gift you ever received? 

A good friend of mind gifted us our wedding invitation in a frame. I would have NEVER though to a) do this for myself b)gift this as a present but it is most cherished. Little did I know that I would launch a paper company 2 years later. We like to think of it as a premonition!