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Torill M., Founder

Torill M., Torill’s Table, Founder

Calgary, AB

For  Torill, growing up in Norway, it was a family ritual to eat vafler (waffles) every week. A joyful tradition she wanted to bring to Canada. With the foundation of her mother’s Norwegian recipe, Torill’s Table, Founder has spent years perfecting her initial product, a nutritious and delicious waffle mixture to enjoy any time of day! Torill’s Table is committed to providing hearty and tasty products that are made with whole wheat flour, oatmeal, flaxseed meal and ground almonds. Mixes are also Dairy Free, Soy Free and Vegan. Torill’s Table waffles are a comfort food with real health benefits and best enjoyed around the table with family and friends.

Where did the inspiration for your business stem from?

My business evolved from me making the waffles for my family, our friends and my kids’ friends and classmates.   In Norway waffles are a treat in between meals. As the waffles are a breakfast item in North America, I needed to make sure they contained proper nutrition.  So, I modified my mother’s recipe to make the waffles more nutritious. To my surprise they became a huge hit and I ended up in kitchens showing other moms how to make them, then making the mix and sending it home in Ziplock bags with directions written on the outside with black markers.  Finally, I took the leap and started my business.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Be prepared to work hard for little to no money for a while.  You should always check in with yourself before you start and ask: “Is there a gap in the market that I am filling?”  If you are a me only product, there is great opportunity. Trust the process and follow your vision but be prepared to adjust along the way.

To my surprise they became a huge hit and I ended up in kitchens showing other moms how to make them.

Torill M., Torill’s Table, Founder

Calgary, AB

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as an entrepreneur?

There are several big challenges I’ve faced as an entrepreneur, but the biggest is work life balance.  As a single mom it’s challenging to find the time for personal interest and needs on a continuous basis.  For an entrepreneur work life balance can’t be measured on a daily basis but rather seen in a broader time frame.  Most entrepreneurs give up personal time to achieve our larger goals. Over time this needs to be rectified somewhat otherwise our health and happiness suffers.  The passion for doing what I do makes up for some of the lost time. It’s the ultimate tradeoff for success.

Why is community important to you?

Entrepreneurship is a lonely path and being part of a community of likeminded individuals who understand the ups and downs as well as the challenges we have is a life saver.  They are often the best people to get advice from. It’s free and invaluable! By talking with them we also realize that our challenges are shared and we’re not alone.

What was the most memorable gift you ever received?

That was my 28th birthday present from my friend Marie.  She was visiting me in Norway during the summer holiday.  While there she got to know my cousin, who was a pilot and found out that he would fly the local skydivers on a regular basis.  Without my knowing she paid for us to do a jump for my birthday and to top it off we landed on the field right below our house. It was the most exhilarating and surprising thing I have ever done.