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Studio Vine & Glass

Claire A., Studio Vine Glass, Founder + Owner

Niagara Falls, ON

Claire is a graduate of the Sheridan College Crafts and Design Glass Program where she discovered her passion for sculpture and design. She is also a member of the Glass Art Association of Canada (GAAC) and Craft Ontario. Claire’s work has been exhibited in several juried shows and is represented for sale through private galleries and boutiques all over Canada. She is also an owner and operator of Studio Vine Glass located in Niagara Falls, ON.

Studio Vine Glass Founders, Claire and her husband Steven, another talented glass artist, combine a variety of skills and create both contemporize traditional products and sculptures. Since the opening of Studio Vine Glass in only four years they developed a clientele of boutiques and wineries/distilleries across Canada. Traveling across Ontario and Quebec for fine art and craft exhibitions.

Where did the inspiration for your business stem from?

The inspiration for my business stemmed from my obsession with glass and the craft of glass blowing. Both my husband and I trained at Sheridan College and caught ‘the glass bug’. It is an insanely difficult material to work with, with a very steep learning curve so it’s quite a small field. When we went out into the greater world and worked in a couple of radically different studio spaces, we soon realized we wanted to create a space of our own. So, Studio Vine Glass was born. Because of the complexity and high overhead involved in starting then operating a glassblowing studio, we knew we would need a product line that we could sell in large quantities, but because of our training in arts and design, we knew we had to also create a product line that was the best. With craft brewing, craft distilling and wine making all being such hot markets right now, we decided to move to Niagara Falls and create a line of wares to compliment those markets. We created a line of high-end glassware for food and beverage. Each product has been endlessly obsessed over to serve a particular drink or function to make the consumers experience even better. We also designed our glassware in such a way that it can be used every day! We are both firm believers in using the “nice stuff.”

Community is important to me because it takes a community to raise an artist.

Claire A., Studio Vine Glass, Founder + Owner

Niagara Falls, ON

What is the best part of what you do and why?

The best part of what I do is to play with fire as much as I want! Not to gush, but I have created a business doing the thing I love the most with the person I love the most in a space that we built from the ground up together. It’s a challenging life, but it gives me purpose, a sense of improving my skills and therefore myself, and a life of non-stop learning, curiosity and adventure.

Why is community important to you?

Community is important to me because it takes a community to raise an artist. We are selling people things they absolutely do not need – everyone already has glassware that you can pick up for a dollar anywhere. My husband and I have been building a community of people that realize the importance of skills, or that are also obsessed with glass and its seductive process. We owe so much to the beautiful community of people that have purchased our work. I also have a community of glass artists to call upon for support, information, advice, laughs, etc. Or the community of makers and artists in general to lift each other up, commiserate, collaborate, etc. My husband and I would be nowhere without the outpouring of support that was displayed to us by our various communities and ‘chosen families’. This is something that is so important to me I am trying to work it into our business model. Niagara Falls has a small but talented and growing arts community and I want to contribute and be another place for creative minds to come together and be highlighted. We run events once or twice a year where we gather with live music, glass demonstrations, food, beer, etc . We basically invite the whole city and beyond. My goal is to continue to grow these as they are truly just to bring people together to enjoy the fun and vibrancy the art world has to offer.