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Studio On Tenth

Studio On Tenth

British Columbia

Studio On Tenth is the creative brainchild of Andrea and Emma Pyle, a BC-based, mother-daughter team. Combining Andrea’s entrepreneurial instincts with Emma’s artistic talents has resulted in a beautiful collection of linens, aprons, tote bags and baby gifts.

A Q&A With Our Featured Vendor

How does it feel to see your daughter’s talents & Studio On Tenth’s grow?

The most rewarding thing is seeing Emma’s confidence grow,” Andrea says. “When she started doing in-person markets, she was just 19. It forced her to interact with her customers in a new and unfamiliar way. I knew how much people loved her art but finally she got to hear it for herself.

Andrea, on working with her daughter everyday:

The best thing about our little team is the daily or almost daily connection. It has exceeded both of our expectations and will be something we can continue to grow and enjoy together for a long time,” Andrea says. “I am very proud of the products we produce and we have a lot of fun together!

Emma, how does it feel to have a mom who sees your potential as an artist?

I feel very lucky she sees potential – my parents have actively encouraged me to pursue it ever since I showed interest,” Emma says. “My mom was making mock up products with my artwork on them since I was little, maybe 6 or 7 years old. It is really great to have the support, considering she makes just about everything we sell!

Emma, what’s it like having a mom who believes in your ability to simultaneously pursue art and make a living from it?

I think many artists face a challenge when navigating or leaving school, as far as what we do next,” she says. “Yet this business has become far more successful than I think either of us could have imagined. Some days it is hard to believe how far we have come!

Emma, on working as a part of a mother-daughter team:

I am so thankful for the incredible amount of work she juggles, and I like that we speak on the phone nearly every day,” Emma says. “She has a great sense of branding, which is something I had no knowledge about, and has created a very cohesive image with the art and textiles. Overall, it is great to have someone close to share the successes with, big or small.


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