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Sheri W., Founder + Artist 

Sheri W., Transformed Jewelry & Design Studio, Founder + Artist 

Saskatoon, SK 

Obsessed with finding and transforming vintage and antique china into art, Sheri, Transformed Jewelry, Founder & Artist uses these broken pieces and makes them beautiful again. From forgotten and broken to loved again, these one of a kind pieces are to be worn close to your heart. Handmade in Saskatoon, SK, Sheri also takes custom orders and can repurpose your memory filled china into a piece that can be enjoyed again. 

Where did the inspiration for your business stem from? 

The inspiration for my business came from a strong desire to recreate old and forgotten items.  I wanted to have people love these pieces of our heritage again!  I find it so inspiring to imaginatively view objects maybe not as they are – but what they could be! I was inspired to transform dishes into jewelry because of the intimate nature of it being worn by the user.   

What is the best part of what you do and why? 

The best part of what I do is custom orders for my clients – I have been honoured to work with hundreds of families that have special memory filled china – but it wasn’t being used or appreciated.  Being able to take those special keepsakes and transform them into little pieces of art they can wear close to their hearts is so special. And the absolute best part? The reactions when they see their special china reincarnated!! 

 What advice would you give your younger self? 

I would tell my younger self to – “go for it!!” To stop worrying so much about having a “real job” – and to focus on what lights me up inside. To focus on what brings joy. And to not be afraid and to follow that inspirational light and those feelings of joy because they will take you right where you need to go.