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Tanya D., Owner + Multiple Hat-Wearer

SeaLuxe, Tanya Droege, Owner + Multiple Hat-Wearer

Crescent Beach, BC

Tanya was a single mother at only 19 had been recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer, she found herself faced with fear and uncertainty. Surgery removed most of her thyroid and she was put on a lifetime prescription. A doctor had mentioned to Tanya about the health benefits of seaweed. Being proactive about her health, she did her own research and discovered the benefits of seaweed. As Tanya continued to study biology, plants and the positive effects on humans, she became passionate, especially about seaweed. The gratitude for health, research and passion was something she wanted to share with others. Now years later, Tanya is the Owner of SeaLuxe. From the front door of coastal British Columbia and inspired by the wild wisdom of the sea, SeaLuxe products bring healthy ingredients infused with the Pacific ocean’s natural elements.

What is the best part of what you do and why?

I love experimenting! Everything about it excites me. From researching ingredients I’m not familiar with, to sourcing those ingredients. When I get a new delivery, it’s like Christmas morning for me, and I experiment with different recipes weekly! I believe that some recipes turn out to be the greatest creations ever, and then others are complete failures. But I love the process. I also enjoy running test groups and getting positive results and feedback from my creations.

What did you wonder about when you were growing up?

I discovered my passion for the ocean at a young age. My summers were spent beachcombing- exploring low tide as the ocean retreated each day to unveil an endless and ever-changing world of excitement and intrigue. It was during these formative years that I developed my passion for the sea, the coast and the thriving ecosystems they nurture. I spent the next 25 years never more than a stone’s throw from the ocean, and this journey led to the creation of Sealuxe and a potent product line rich with the elements of thalassotherapy: seaweed, salt and Canadian glacial marine clay.

I discovered my passion for the ocean at a young age. My summers were spent beachcombing-exploring low tide as the ocean retreated each day to unveil an endless and ever-changing world of excitement and intrigue.

Tanya Droege, SeaLuxe Company, Owner + Multiple Hat-Wearer

Crescent Beach, BC

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Find that thing that you love and make it into your job. To start a new business doing things you have a passion for makes all the hard work and struggles worthwhile. Starting something new is never easy; there are a lot of long days. You want to be sure you are spending those gruelling hours doing something you love, otherwise you’ll burn out really quick. Your passion keeps that spark alive and inspires everyone around you.

Why is community important to you?

I’m thrilled to have made a lot of like-minded friends in the last few years. These are my people, and they have become my tribe. Within this community, I feel I can thrive in my work, and am continually being inspired and challenged to do more. This extends beyond making products, as local brands (such as, Lace on the Beach and Bevefresco) and I get together to clean local beaches as a part of the Beachy Clean initiative I’ve started. It’s a beautiful thing to see the community come together to clean up the beach. I believe it’s a two-way street and we should be taking care of the ocean just as much as we are reaping its benefits.

What are your goals for the next few years?

Speaking of community, I would like to see this Beachy Clean community grow to other areas of the Westcoast and build much more awareness. Also, I’m just finishing up my first book and I already have plans for a second book. On a personal side, I would like to do at least one ocean crossing by wind-power within the next few years.