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Clearview Tea Company

Clearview Tea Company

Creemore, Ontario

Maggie Morrison and her mother, Rebecca Brown, founded the Clearview Tea Company in Creemore, Ontario back in 2012. As passionate tea drinkers, this mother-daughter duo share their love of tea and all its wonder with others. Here’s to another “cuppa”, and a much-needed moment of quiet reflection.



A Q&A With Our Featured Vendor

How has running Clearview Tea together, as a other-daughter team, strengthened your relationship?

It’s been an incredible experience to transform the traditional mother-daughter relationship into a partnership where we work together and share ideas and thoughts in an incredibly supportive environment,” says Maggie. “We have both learned so much about entrepreneurship while going through highs and lows together. The best part is we always go through it together, and are 100% supportive of each other.

Maggie – what makes working with your mom so special?

All the important lessons I learned from her as a child – about being kind, working hard, and making a difference in the world – I am able to do with her by my side! In addition, now that I am a mother, it also adds to my understanding of the sacrifices my mom has made for me, and it makes me appreciate her even more.

Rebecca – what makes working with your daughter so special?

Working with my daughter is special because we have a close relationship, and working together has strengthened it even further,” Rebecca says. “I love to see Maggie learning and expanding and pushing herself out of her comfort zone. We trust one another implicitly and have each other’s backs. The best thing is, though, we share the same type of humour, so we have a lot of fun!

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