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Alyson B. + Amy C-T, Co-Owners

Alyson B., Legacy Lane, Co-Owner, Operator + Production Manager

Amy C-T, Legacy Lane, Co-Owner, Operator, Business Manager

Sussex, New Brunswick

Backed by four generations of farming experience in rural New Brunswick, two sisters Alyson and Amy have carved their own path in farming. Both sisters studied at New Brunswick College, Alyson in weaving and textiles and Amy in Business. Together they have partnered their skills and along with their team of boss babes and artisans, Legacy Lane operates yarn production, fiber processing and weaving. Located in Sussex, NB the fiber mill is committed to be an eco friendly, community partner using sustainable raw fiber from North American producers. Drawn to Alpaca fiber for its fineness and reputation, the fiber is incredibly warm and lightweight. It is also hypoallergenic and has a softness. Legacy Lane products are designed to spark feelings of playfulness, individuality and joy.

Where did the inspiration for your business come from?

We drew inspiration from our combined passions of agriculture and textiles. We wanted to be able to live and work in rural New Brunswick and help grow our local economy. The farming community we grew up in had been in decline and we needed something new. Being able to combine our passions into a successful business that supports our way of life and our community is our shared dream coming true.

Being able to combine our passions into a successful business that supports our way of life and our community is our shared dream come true.

Alyson B. + Amy C-T., Legacy Lane, Co-Owners

Sussex, New Brunswick

Why is community important to you?

We grew up in a tight knit community that is always helping one another and sharing life in the good times and bad.  When we started our business, our community was there to help us get started, to lend a hand and to spread the word! Strong, healthy and vital communities support the way of life we want for ourselves and our families, therefore it is extremely important that our business contributes in a sustainable way to help foster positive growth in not only our local community but also our global community.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Without your health you have nothing. You will probably become as stressed as you have ever been in your life and you will be working harder than you ever have before. But if you don’t take care of your health, your body will shut you down. Walk, meditate, take a day for the beach. No one else is going to make time for you but you.