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Laura M., Owner

Laura M., Owner

Saint-Lazare, QC

Born as a need to express herself in her own unique way, Laura M. created Blusaffron scents to have their roots in pure life, real emotion, and true passion. Designed in the tradition of luxury perfumes and aromas, Blusaffron is a new and contemporary vision of the art of bringing back memories of her life, of your life and your best friend’s life. Her luxuriously scented collection of all-natural products takes you to the past and brings in the moment; old or new memories are woken up by her amazing and unique scents.


Where did the inspiration for your business stem from?

I created Blusaffron as a need of expressing myself through anything but words. Making products that are at the highest level of quality, affordable & beautiful, sharing my feelings & my stories, my knowledge & my craft with the world around me became my priority. Blusaffron products are not just scented goods for home or body. They are story narrators. In a world where fast moving is a way of living, I ask you to take your time & discover every aroma… find who you are by discovering yourself in one of our scents, re-live your “first time” memories by using our scented goodies or embrace the art of thoughtful gifting by sharing our products with your loved ones. Let scent define you & your home, your memories & your feelings. Sometimes romantic and suave, other times bold & powerful, mysterious & dark, joyful & zesty…just like you, just like your life and the best moments of it.

What is the best part of what you do and why?

Over time, Blusaffron became more and more about natural body & skin care, so new ways of making scent & aromatherapy part of everyday life is now my priority. From shower diffusers to scrubs, lotions, butters, soaps, deodorants or shaving products, all natural, clean ingredients are at the core of all our goodies. Flowers, petals and stems that I grow, pick, dry & use in all products, directly from my garden, carefully & uniquely created infusions, tinctures & concoctions, original formulas & recipes and a fresh, trendy, clean approach to packaging are all staples of Blusaffron brand. What I love the most…it is so hard to say because I truly love the whole journey. This is what makes the end of it so fulfilling & rewarding. When you know you have created something so good you want to share it with everyone.

What was the most memorable gift you ever received?

Since I was just a little girl, I really appreciated the handmade aspect of gifts. I remember when my great grandmother made a doll for me, using all her threads & left-over fabrics. That was, for sure, the most special gift I remember getting, but there are so many other ones; my mom’s friend was great at making jams…unique combinations of fruits, herbs & savory aromas… She would always gift us jams & they were the best! My aunt still buys white linen & creates unique, traditional embroidery on shirts. If it is handmade, it doesn’t really matter…I love them all because I know how much passion, love and care the artisans put in every piece they create.