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Karen W., Owner

Karen G. Owner

Toronto, ON

Karen knew as a teenager, she was born to be a maker and already was showing her entrepreneurial gifts. As the owner of Karen Gunna Leather, her love for the versatility, strength and endurance of leather, has stitched this material into her creations for her whole adult life.


Where did the inspiration for your business stem from?

My business is a reflection of my early love for making items. Already at 14 years of age I had rented a booth in a local craft fair and stocked it full of items that I had knitted, crocheted, embroidered and sewn.

What is your favourite component to your workspace and why?

My current studio is spacious with a wonderful window at my workbench. It overlooks a patio full of plants and a grapevine in the warmer months and gently falling snow in other months.

 What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

 Being self-taught, I am currently always advising new entrepreneurs to actually go and work for someone else in their area of interest.  There is so much simple learning to be done there- appropriate equipment, systems etc. that is so hard to figure out on your own dime and time.