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Inna T., Designer + Owner

Inna T. Designer + Owner, Flower Pie

Toronto, ON

After a first career, two children and earning a business degree, entrepreneur Inna T. knew she was ready for the next step in career. Her attraction and love for flowers was her guide. Now the Owner + Designer of, Flower Pie a Toronto boutique wedding and event flower design studio. Inna is bringing this dream to life one floral creation at a time.

Where did the inspiration for your business stem from? 

I have always had a passion for flowers and their beauty, textures and colours. But I never thought it was possible to become a florist and kept this idea as a retirement plan. Something I could do later in life.  However, while pursuing my business degree the idea of working with flowers kept coming back to me. Every time I had a chance, I would make a bouquet for my family and friends. People always loved it and that inspired me to do more and more.

At about the same time I traveled to Japan andFrance. Being surrounded by beautiful Japanese gardens, Parisians flower markets and shops had influenced me to make the final decision and become a floral designer.

 What is the best part of what you do and why? 

I love having creative freedom. Being able to express my ideas in a form of a product, whether it’s a bouquet, floral arrangement or something else that people find beautiful.

Everything about flowers ismagicaland unique, from putting the best possible optionstogetherto the moment when flowers arebeing handed to the recipient.

Flowers are pure happiness and a mood changer. It brings me joy to see people smile and say “Wow! And thank you!” Every time they get it.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as an entrepreneur? 

The biggest challenge when you start a small business is that at the beginning you have to wear all the hats. I am not just a floral designer and a salesperson. I am all those things plus a photographer, editor, bookkeeper and social media expert. With all those things on your plate it is easy to feel overwhelmed and lost at times.