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Gorp World

Gorp World

Colleen and Grant created Gorp World, a line of healthy, environmentally friendly snacks to help you refuel and take on your next adventure. Loved by moms and non-moms alike, these snacks are all about helping everyone stay fit while keeping our planet green.

A Q&A With Our Featured Vendor

Colleen, you’ve already been crowned a “mompreneur” – how do you balance being a business owner with being a busy mom? 

Truthfully – balance doesn’t even exist! I embrace a different ‘B’ word – “blend,”” Colleen says. “Sometimes our work/life blend is more work, less life, and other times it’s the opposite. ‘Balance’ implies equality, whereas “blend” is more fluid. Our impact in our children’s lives is more affected by us actually being present in the moment. No more using ‘equal time’ as my measure – now it’s all about being present in the here and now.


How has being a mom influenced what products you make, or what ingredients you put into your products?

 I formulated my bar assuming my children would be eating it, that’s why I made so many sacrifices in the formulation,” says Colleen. “I wanted it to be functional, not just tasty. This meant it also had to be more expensive than the competition. The burden of educating your customer is expensive and time consuming, but SO worth it! Despite all the challenges, I wouldn’t change a thing! Becoming a mom, and having an amazing mom are two of things I’m most grateful for in life.

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