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Michelle C., Owner

Michelle C, Fancy Pufs Inc., Owner

Vaughan, ON

Fancy Pufs, Owner Michelle has created the perfect recipe of delight with Fancy Pufs cotton candy and a full-service event and catering business. With more than forty cotton candy flavours including Honey Rose, Maple Bacon and Stawberry, each item is handcrafted locally by a “Pufistas” for all ages. With a modern spin on traditional confectionery, Fancy Pufs is organic, gluten free, dairy free, nut free and certified vegan. Fancy Pufs has also been featured in media such as VOGUE UK and WedLuxe Magazine.

What did the inspiration from your business stem from?

Besides my forever love for perfectly whipped whimsical sugar, this career path started through the events industry! While working as the lead event planner and designer for Sincerely Yours Events (our event planning subsidiary) we were constantly in search of great dessert ideas for our brides. When we dreamt up the idea of cotton candy, to our surprise, there were little to no options. So, we whipped up a cart, mixed our own sugars, and named it Fancy Pufs for that evening. When we saw the response, we couldn’t help but think we were onto something. From that day on, we sourced information, grew our kitchen, got licensed and worked on developing a pretty epic menu and so the rest is history!

Our customers and clients are from all different age groups and really know how to make us smile.

Michelle C, Fancy Pufs Inc., Owner

What is the best part about what you do and why?

The best part about building and working at Fancy Pufs is the people that I get to surround myself with every single day. To start, I have a rock star team whom I couldn’t work without. They are supportive in so many ways and Fancy Pufs would not be gracing the pages of Vogue without them! Our customers and clients are from all different age groups and really know how to make us smile. We are so lucky to get to talk, plan and work with wonderful people regularly. They are usually our biggest inspiration! I am also fortunate enough to work alongside Toronto’s best vendors and retailers and have gotten life experiences that I could not have dreamt up.

Why is community important to you?

Community is important to me for so many reasons, but the two main ones would be support and growth. The people that you surround yourself with can be your greatest support system and your greatest mentors. We have been so fortunate to learn and grow with the knowledge of so many great industry professionals, friends, customers, clients and family.