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Suzanne + Mike D., Makers + Owners

Suzanne and Mike D., Eleanor Rosa Felt, Makers + Owners

Grimsby, ON

What started as a holiday wish gift, led to an expected creative passion and then a small business for Environmental Scientists and husband-wife team. Handmade in Grimsby, Ontario Eleanor Rosa Felt, Makers + Owners Suzanne and Mike D., create handmade felt flourishes and charming characters. These one of a kind-creations, can’t help but make you smile.

What is the best part of what you do and why?

The best part of what we do is that we feel a true freedom in creating that which makes us feel inspired and brings us joy. We find that no matter what unique piece we create, eventually someone comes along who loves it as much as we do. This gives us the ability to create with abandon! When we first started out, we were so thrilled to find that others found wonder and happiness in the creations we brought to markets and shops. We absolutely love watching people interact with our creations for the first time – we often see a big, wide smile spread across their faces. It is lovely to see that many people are willing to open their hearts and truly delight in something fun, different and maybe a little quirky!

After three years of creating for friends and family, we decided to launch Eleanor Rosa Felt in 2017. The response has been overwhelming and wonderful!

Suzanne and Mike D., Eleanor Rosa Felt, Makers + Owners,

Grimsby, ON

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as entrepreneurs?

Our biggest challenge that we have faced as entrepreneurs is carving out time for our craft. As parents of two children, and employed full-time in the sciences, we found it easy to feel too “busy”and overwhelmed to make time for felt! However, we found that working on our creative business made us feel happiness and excitement and like we were filling a niche within ourselves that we hadn’t always found in our careers. We love it so much that when we go camping with our little trailer in the summer, we still bring along a few “Eleanor”pieces to work on. We have learned that we can (and must) always find time for that which you love and brings you happiness.

What is the most memorable gift you ever received?

The most memorable gift I have ever received also is the reason that Eleanor Rosa Felt came to be. It all started about 4 years ago, around Christmas, when I casually mentioned to my lovely husband that I had found an Etsy shop offering felt flower bouquets that you could build “by-the-stem”. Since I never need/ want anything for Christmas, this idea really appealed to me – buy a stem or two for Christmas, add a couple for each birthday and anniversary, over time building a wonderful felt bouquet. Plus, no more asking me what I want for gifts – for years! I loved the idea of how sheets of wool felt could become such intricate and life-like botanical designs. However, instead of ordering me a couple of stems from the Etsy shop, my husband ordered materials and (secretly) set out to create a simply magnificent felt flower bouquet which literally left me speechless on Christmas morning. I had no idea he had it in him! From then on, we worked together to perfect our craft. We are both Environmental Scientists during the day and this venture has allowed a creative outlet and a chance to flex our right brains.

After three years of creating for friends and family, we decided to launch Eleanor Rosa Felt in 2017. The response has been overwhelming and wonderful. As we work and learn more about the medium, we are finding that there are endless opportunities for creativity, so we will never get bored of felt! We are so thrilled to have launched this creative business and continue to be so encouraged by our successes.