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Marjolyn V., Artist + Founder

Marjolyn V., Artist + Founder

Toronto, ON

For many of us, our identity is tied to memories from our childhood. Memory Art Girl, Artist + Founder, Marjolyns’ goal is to find these triggers of memory. There are moments when we see an image, and we are taken to another time and place. Through her work Marjolyn creates a bridge between the vintage style and a modern perspective. What is old becomes new. A contemporary vision of our reality. Stories develop by using found photos, vintage advertising, stills from classic films, music scores, and snippets of poetry. 

Where did inspiration for your business stem from? 

My art and imagery come from the desire to empower and inspire those who see it. Nostalgia is used as a way to remind ourselves who we were, are and going to be.   

What is the best part of what you do?  

The best part of my work is creating images that tell the stories. Sourcing through vintage materials to tell the story of the modern female perspective has its funny moments. The realization that we are not as different as 50 years ago often comes to the surface in the search.   

 What did you wonder about when you were growing up? 

Why women are treated differently than men. This feminist realization began in High School and determined my search in how to make the culture aware of our power, our strength and talent as women.   

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs? 

To not listen to NO. If you feel you have the product, the service or the ability to create something that makes this world a better place= then just keep putting it out there.   

 What is the most memorable gift you have received? 

The most memorable item I received was a scarf that my grandmother owned. This piece of cloth was the inspiration for my series of scarves that I consider to be “scarves of empowerment.” We wrap ourselves in our cloaks, our scarves and put on our beauty to face the world.