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Belinda Love Lee

Belinda Love Lee

New mom Belinda Love Lee runs her eponymous paperie, letterpress, and design & branding studio in Toronto. Her logo work, print designs and her branding and identity work revolve around her unique, handmade aesthetic.

A Q&A With Our Featured Vendor

Belinda, how do you balance the demanding nature of your work (the handmade aspects, strict attention to details, running a business) with the chaos and joy of being a new mom?

Honestly I’m still learning to balance it all – some days I get it right, some days it’s absolute chaos over here,” Belinda says. “I usually save work for the evenings or when my daughter is napping. For now, I’m taking on less work, knowing that my season to be a mother is my main priority at the moment. I seriously applaud every working mom for making it look so effortless!


How has becoming a mom changed how you look at work, and how your business fits into your life?

 Before I was a mother, I would respond to most emails quickly. Now, I feel much less urgency to respond, not because I don’t want to, but simply because my hands are full with a baby on the hip,” Belinda says. “It’s made me pick and choose which projects to take on, because time in itself is so precious now. Work will be a priority in life again, but right now my little girl is my whole world!

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