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Brenda H., Founder 

Brenda H.,  Bay Harbour Natural Skincare, Founder 

Innisfil, ON   

On a quest for Brenda H. and her family to have natural skincare products she was led on a journey to become the Founder of Bay Harbour Natural Skincare. Bay Harbour is a green beauty apothecary studio located in Innisfil, Ontario. Working with the highest quality of fresh, plant-based ingredients and aromatherapy blends, ingredients are sustainably produced. The companies’ Organic Essential Oils are Certified Organic Essential Oils. Bay Harbour Natural Skincare works towards Zero Waste and Chemical Free Packaging with most products packaged in glass jars, bottles and tins which are all recyclable.  

Where did the inspiration for your business stem from? 

I am inspired to work towards a better world. BAY HARBOUR became a business because I wanted better natural skincare products for myself and for my family. We wanted to eliminate the toxins in our skincare products. The entrepreneurial aspect came when our friends and neighbours asked if I would sell them the natural products I was making for my family. That inspired me and why I proudly became an Entrepreneur! 

 What is the best part of what you do and why?  

The best part is talking to my clients and hearing their feedback.  It is always gratifying to hear someone say their skin has never felt so good.  Many have suffered with skin reactions or irritations and tried so many products unsuccessfully in the past.  When I hear a client say their skin looks and feels so good after using Bay Harbour products, then I  know I’ve done my job well. 

In your opinion, where is the best place to visit in your city? 

I live near Kempenfelt Bay and the Lakeshore area of Barrie, Ontario, which is my favourite part of the city.  I love connecting with nature as I walk along the beautiful shoreline and enjoy watching the animals and birds in their habitats.