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Our Story

Brought together through cobblestone, fundraising and motherhood Tara and Shawna immediately connected. It did not take long to realize they shared common values, life experiences and ambition. Their zeal for bringing people together, supporting entrepreneurs’ and thoughtful gifting inspired a business platform.

Combining more than fifteen years of experience in media arts and production, Shawna and Tara shared a vision to build a Canadian gifting company that embodied their values and would create a movement to spread kindness, support female entrepreneurs & give back.

This company is Wonderkind.

“I’ve always said love is in the details. When care is placed behind gift-giving, the receiver feels it and its value significantly increases. Wonderkind positions everyone to give thoughtfully – especially those who may not have the time or creativity to reasonably do so.”

Shawna, Founder + Creative Director

Shawna, Founder + Creative Director
Tara, Founder + Creative Director

“Connection is inherently tied to giving – the giving of time, energy, and sometimes, gifts! Enabling people to enhance their connection with friends and loved ones through thoughtful, Canadian-made gifts is rivalled only by Wonderkind’s commitment to giving back to the community. It’s something I’m fiercely proud of and can’t wait to evolve.

Tara Founder + Creative Director

Wonderkind offers gift catering that thoughtfully tailors to the individual. Designed to ensure gifting matters within a movement that we can all feel good about and celebrate. Supporting a circular economy, female entrepreneurs, creators and our charitable partners.

Together we will #spreadwonderkind.